WordPress Speed Boost Services

Get help turning your slow WordPress site into a high speed lead generator and sales machine

Research shows that 2.7 seconds is all it takes to lose a website visitor. We can help you achieve the lowest possible loading times to help increase web traffic and conversions.

Why speed matters

Better Revenue

Your site speed directly affects the number of visits you get. I your site produces money through leads, sales, ads, or even just raises brand awareness, you could be be losing money with every second your page is "loading"

Better Search Ranking

Even Google favors fast sites in its search results (since April 2010). Improving your site speed improves site traffic, site ranking, conversion, and returning traffic – a marketer’s perfect storm.

Lower Hosting Costs

A well optimized high performing website needs less maintenance and fewer server upgrades. Save money on hosting and support by fixing underlying issues before they cost you extra.

Lower Bounce Rate

40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. What would you do to see a 40% increase in traffic and leads?

Better Security

A secure site means a site less prone to abuse by hacker and spammers. Secure sites also get ranked better on search engines like Google.

Fewer "Weird Issues"

An optimized site can weed out problem areas and unnecessary fluff which can cause all sorts out weird behaviors. Fewer problems means more growth.

Better Customer Satisfaction

The closer you are to a 2 second loading time the better your user experience. Under 2 seconds is considered "perfect" and can increase customer happiness by as much as 16%.

Decreased Abandonment

Each second you shave off your website can increase conversions by up to 7%! Get your customers to the checkout page faster and ensure higher sales. Who doesn't like skipping the wait at the grocery store?

Better Visitor

Almost 80% of online shoppers say that website speed affects their decision to visit again. If you have a slow e-commerce site, a few seconds could mean the difference between a 1 time and a recurring customer.

Our Process

Our process is well defined and yields incredibly fast and high performing website for each and every client.

Gather information and diagnose

We work with you to gather information about your site and your expectations. We use industry standard tools to diagnose any issues and plan the best solution for your site. From your web host to your theme, we check for all performance issues.

Configure best practices then fix remaining issues

We configure industry best practices for website caching and performance, then resolve any significant issues that are identified with updated testing. Premium plugins and expert configurations help get most pages to load in under 2 seconds.

Final optimizations and ongoing support

We apply the finishing touches like optional CDN or server migrations. From our included 30-day support to a longer term support partnership, we’ll be there for you to make sure everything continues to work.

Speed Boost Packages

WordPress optimization services for web sites of any size.


Best for small personal sites
$ 249
  • Target Load Time: 2.7 seconds or less
  • Full backup created with weekly recurring schedule
  • Website Core, Plugins, and Themes Updates Performed
  • Basic Performance scan
  • Basic site optimizations
  • Image optimization
  • Testing & QA
  • Before & after report
  • 30 Day Warranty and Money back guarantee


Best for professional & business​
$ 449
  • Target Load Time: 2 seconds or less
  • Full backup created with daily recurring schedule
  • Website Core, Plugins, and Themes Updates Performed
  • Deep performance scan
  • Deluxe site optimizations
  • Advanced image optimization
  • Testing & QA
  • Before & after report
  • 30 Day Warranty and Money back guarantee


Best for ecommerce & enterprise
$ 699
  • Target Load Time: Less than 1 second ("As fast as possible")
  • Full backup created with custom recurring schedule
  • Website Core, Plugins, and Themes Updates Performed
  • Complete performance scan
  • Advanced site optimizations
  • Complete Image optimization
  • Testing & QA
  • Before & after report
  • 30 Day Warranty and Money back guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your website should be configured with best practices and optimized for speed so visitors will find and stay on your site. We will configure your site to meet as many best practices as possible as well as help you understand how to maintain compliance with future changes you make to the site. The end result will be a faster, more secure website that leads to more visitors and more conversions.

Complete the short form above and we will conduct a free assessment before sending an invoice and requesting access to the existing hosting and domain registrar.

Typically most sites are completed within 48 hours. Some more complex configurations, like E-commerce or membership sites may take a little longer. After we perform our initial intake we will provide a more accurate forecast.

The first thing we do after gaining access to your website and domain are to record existing configurations and take back-ups wherever necessary. We do this as a precaution in case of any unforeseen circumstances or in the event of an unsuccessful optimization and subsequent refund per our guarantee. Following the successful optimization of your site we will configure recurring backups based on the service level requested, unless other factors warrant alteration.

WordPress load times are influenced by a number of factors and your choice in web hosting plays a significant role in the speed of your web site. Your web host should be reliable, secure, and built for speed. Our testing will reveal if a new web host is necessary and we will make recommendations that will fit your budget, be as fast as possible, and will be safe with security as a priority.

Absolutely, we’ll even help you find the best solution! All of our optimizations include a free server migration if recommended during our initial assessment. Extra charges may apply for complex migrations, or where a migration is not recommended but requested anyways. Our intake process will reveal and disclose any additional costs you need to be aware of so you can stay in budget.

We check for compliance with best practices and page speed with Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom and WebPageTest. If you don’t see improved performance scores and decreased loads times we will send you a full refund no questions asked!

We can never be 100% certain of how the rankings will be affected by materially changing the content of a website. Out goal is to improve upon a page with every touch and with that improve it’s SEO and rankings over time, as it should be. We use industry standard tools to help us craft your content systems and identify issues before they cause problems.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a special service that helps deliver your content to visitors around the world. If your traffic mostly comes from one region or country then you may not need one. Other considerations such as security, privacy, and bandwidth/utilization concerns may help decide if a CDN configuration is necessary or not. If required one can be configured at an additional cost and will be discussed at time of service.

Before the optimization is complete all edits should be put on hold. After the optimization is complete you will be able to resume updates. Note that all updates will need to follow best practices in order for the website to remain compliant.

We accept debit cards, credit cards, checks and Paypal. After completing the initial assessment an invoice will be prepared and work will start after completion of payment.

We guarantee all of our work for 30 days (or longer in the case of a purchased support partnership). We will provide an optimization report along with post-care that will help make sure your website remains optimized. In the event that there are any issues within 30 days we will help resolve the issue and provide resources on how to prevent it in the future.

We love working with people on new web projects and developing long term partnerships with them to help them with ongoing updates and support. We’d be happy to help you make any changes you want to your website before or after your optimization service. Some services even include free or discounted optimizations based on term length or other special offers. Please contact us directly for a free consultation.

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