Ultimate Small Business Website Strategy Guide

Looking to start (or restart?) your business website? Use this strategy guide to plan and execute the perfect business website that drives sales and delivers customers day after day. Ready through each section carefully and decide what you will and won’t include. Not every website needs every item  suggested below.


  1. Marketing Plan
    1. Document Business Goals and WHYS
    2. Develop SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
    3. Define Target Personas
    4. Develop Marketing Goals
  2. Site Content
    1. Every Page
    2. Home Page
    3. About Page
    4. Services
    5. Blog Overview (Archive)
    6. Blog Post (Single)
    7. Contact Page
    8. Testimonials
    9. FAQs
    10. Support Information
    11. Other sections
      1. Header
      2. Footer
      3. *Navigation
      4. Legal/Privacy
  3. 4 Pillars of a successful website
    1. Traffic Sources
      1. Organic Search
      2. Social Media Reach
      3. Paid Traffic
    2. Bounce Rate
      1. Flawless User Experience
      2. Content Presentation
      3. Content Quality and Relevance
    3. Build Trust / Become an Authority
      1. Reinforce great first impression
      2. Cross link to relevant supporting pages of content
      3. Encourage content discovery
    4. Convert/User Engagement
      1. Receive an opt in or contact form
      2. Complete a sale
      3. Schedule a meeting
  4. Maintenance and Support
    1. Website Owners Manual
    2. Growth Plan
    3. Support Team
  5. Reporting and Metrics
    1. Finding the right leading and trailing indicators
    2. Developing KPIs (Key performance indicators)
    3. Setting up reporting to automate success

Every Page

No matter which page your visitor is on, you want their experience to be the best it can be. You should make sure each page receives full attention to detail. These principles will help ensure you meet everyone’s needs.


Is your content relevant to your target audience?

Content meets the expectations of your visitor based on the link used to navigate there

Page content meets expectations with that the title suggests


Is your copy clear?

  • Don’t try to be clever if you can’t be clear

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