Founded in 2017 and based in Southern California, Digital Edict started forming partnerships with individuals and small businesses to help them better understand and manage the digital technology that drives their brand.

Why we do it

"Our mission is to help professionals and organizations build and maintain a presence online that they can be proud of; one that can be rewarding for both website owner and visitor alike."

We love the internet and love to share our knowledge with others. We are at our best when helping someone solve a technology challenge that makes their lives better. We hope to be the only web presence company you’ll ever need.

We believe that anyone can have a great website with the right tools and support. Our focus is on giving users AND content creators the best experience possible. You manage it, or let us be your digital partner and manage it for you.

We love helping individuals solve their website problems.

Who we are

Matthew Barnett

President & Founder

Matthew has been fascinated with technology and the internet since his childhood. His career in digital technology includes working at Blizzard Entertainment, Western Digital, along with a number of smaller private companies. From customer support to leadership roles Matthew has always tried to find ways to utilize technology in creative ways to solve daily challenges.

Matthew founded Digital Edict in 2017 when he saw first hand what happened to clients business when tech support crashed the company website, or when the new web development team forgot to set the mail records. He moved to establish Digital Edict Inc which aims to help businesses leverage digital technology to grow their business to any scale.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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